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Took my daughter here to have her eyes examined, Dr. Roth was extremely helpful and informative. His staff is kind and professional and I look forward to returning again in the future.
4 days ago
- Sabrina B.
Wonderful experience. Very thorough exam and DrRoth was great. The tech was great, patient, and sanitized everything before I used it. My vision is good but glasses wont fix the problem so vision therapy is recommended. Ive had trouble looking at paperwork for years and even seeing myself in the mirror!!! I have post concussion syndrome so will update after I start vision therapy.
2 weeks ago
- sparkinglife 1.
My experience for the first time was excellant eye doctor is extrémly smart he really know his stuff and he also spoke spanish very well staff is very nice and pleasant I'm switching from my previous eye doctor too this one sincerely Gina Boyce
3 weeks ago
- William B.
Fantastic. Kendall was extremely professional. Dr. Tiomno was very caring. Well done Family Eye Care.
3 weeks ago
- Matthew P.
My Dr. was efficient, quick, and very thorough throughout the whole process. She got my eye sight fixed and got new glasses and contacts, my new favorite eye Dr. by far. Thank you 🙂
2 months ago
- mark k.
A comfortable office with pleasant staff, and thorough procedures. Came to Family Eye Care for an eye exam after a rough experience elsewhere about a year ago.. everyone was thoughtful, friendly, and thorough. All processes were explained in detail to make sure patient is comfortable. They sat with me for a while making sure i fully understood all options as far as glasses, and types of contacts. They also have some cool ways of doing things here including a VR headset to test peripheral vision! Everything was cleaned right in front of me prior to touching my face too, so that was a plus!! Looking forward to coming back in the future.
2 months ago
- Calli M.
Was referred to this office for Vision Therapy as a treatment for post concussion syndrome in 2020. Dr. Rothe, the vision therapists, and the office staff are all great. After a couple years of high profile concussion Drs at NYU & Weill Cornell all telling me my minimal treatment plan would make me feel better, Dr Rothe was a breathe of fresh air. Felt like he actually understood my issues and tailored treatment towards solving them. After treatment, I still use them as my primary eye dr as they are great.
2 months ago
- Zach B.