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Review from HealthGrades – Vision Therapy

I have been in Dr. Roth's care for about the last 5 years regarding my “eye health” and need of vision correction. I can say that I am quite a difficult patient (to say the least) regarding my health, my body and the care I choose to accept or reject from doctors. Of all the physicians I have encountered in my 47 years, he is absolutely "Top Shelf." Dr. Roth's patience is profound in dealing with not only his patients and the vexation they bring as they struggle to make sense of their issues, but also in educating them along the way as well as whittling down the hurtles concerning their care in an assiduous pursuit of that which will be most beneficial for them in the long term. Moreover, his staff is very much “in tune” with the attitude/mindset/deportment demonstrated by Dr. Roth, which are the hallmarks of his professionalism and resolute leadership. He is in receipt of my highest recommendation. A+++