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Success Stories – Vision Therapy

We are proud to share the success stories of our vision therapy patients.

They actually explained what was going on!

Everything went great it was easy and fast they didn’t sit here and confuse me like other places. They actually explained what was going on and what was going to happen!

- Omar C.

Friendly & Very Helpful

The entire staff was friendly and very helpful

- Harry R.

The doctor was excellent.

The intern that took care of me was very good. The doctor was excellent. Thank You.

- Carlos C.

I wish every day I had found Dr. Roth sooner.

I started going to Dr. Roth a few years ago and I wish every day I had found Dr. Roth sooner. As a result of an eye procedure that I had prior to meeting Dr. Roth I now suffer from corneal erosions. I found Dr. Roth at a time of despair and Dr. Roth has been nothing but absolutely amazing.

Whenever I have an emergency and I need to be seen immediately I am always accommodated by the staff and Dr. Roth himself. Dr. Roth is very detailed and explains all possible options so that I always have the opportunity to make the choice that best suits me. Dr. Roth has gone out of his way to make personal phone calls and emails to check on my condition and answer any questions I may have.

I have referred various family members (my husband, my sister-in-law, and my mother) to Dr. Roth and would highly recommend Dr. Roth and his team to anyone that is in search of a high-quality optometrist.

- Tiffany C.

I was so impressed that once my daughter finished vision therapy I began seeing Dr. Roth for my own eye care.

Great care. Dr. Roth is extremely knowledgeable and his staff is great.

We were referred to him after a routine eye exam of my daughter, who was 7 at the time, pointed towards strabismus. Prior to the exam, we noticed she was having problems reading, staying on her grade level and she also complained of headaches. She also had difficulty with hand-eye coordination.

Dr. Roth confirmed the diagnosis and recommended we start her on vision therapy. We went through the course of treatment and over time saw steady improvement in all areas as my daughter used the techniques she learned to control/focus her eyes. While it was a long course of treatment for her I can’t argue with the results. After therapy removed the obstacle of her vision problem at age 10 she went on to do very well in school and actually exceeded the averages for 4th graders on her PARCC tests at the state and district level as well as in her school, which is in a very good school district.

I was so impressed that once my daughter finished vision therapy I began seeing Dr. Roth for my own eye care. I had complications from a 2009 LASIK operation from a large heavily advertised facility. Dr. Roth assessed me and offered me a chance to try Orthokeratology to correct my vision problems. I wear my corrective lenses at night while I sleep and during the day I’m contact lens free. My results, greatly improved vision, the headaches are gone and I’m seeing 20/10 (as long as I follow my lens wearing schedule). He also caught the early stages of glaucoma in me and is effectively managing that.

What I’ve observed is that Dr. Roth is very knowledgeable, he loves what he does and actually cares about his patients.

- Milton L.

I have always been given good advice about choice of frames.

I have never met another optometric physician who is as thorough as Dr. Roth. That’s why I travel from North Jersey to see him for my annual eye exam. His staff is very competent and friendly and I have always been given good advice about choice of frames. Those who I have recommended to him have also been very satisfied.

- Howard D.

We provide a unique vision care service called Vision Therapy. You are invited to read hundreds of Vision Therapy Success Stories written by patients (children and adults), parents, and teachers at

Vision Therapy helps people with visual difficulties relating to a wide range of conditions, skills, and/or symptoms, such as:

Please look through a National Catalog of hundreds of Vision Therapy Success Stories.

20/20 Eyesight, ADD-ADHD, Lazy Eye, Blurred Vision, Convergence Insufficiency, Crossed Eyes, Depth Perception, Dizziness and Motion Sickness, Double Vision, Eye Strain & Fatigue, Eye Teaming & Tracking, Headaches, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Non-verbal Learning Disorders (NLD), Special Education, Reading Improvement, School Performance, Sports, Strabismus, Wall-eyed or Exophoria,
and much MORE..!

Read what hundreds of people have written when asked “What changes have you seen as a result of a Vision Therapy program?” or “How has Vision Therapy changed your life and/or your child’s life?” Go to Vision Therapy Success Stories.


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