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Success Stories – Brain Injury

We are proud to share the success stories of our vision therapy patients.

JB - Neuro Rehab after Brain Injury - 22
KB was having difficulty seeing, reading, and taking tests at school after being in a car accident. She also suffered from severe and frequent headaches. Her physical therapists didn't know how they could help her, and it was discovered that her right eye wasn't tracking properly. After completing a course of Vision Therapy, her headaches are less frequent and severe, she can read much better, and feel like she is ready to go to college.
After being in a car accident, CV had headaches, blurry vision, tripped going up stairs, read more slowly, and had messy writing. After therapy, CV was almost back to normal prior to the accident.
WG - Neuro Rehab after Brain Injury - Adult - upon completing the program
EG - Stroke - Adult
EG - Stroke - Adult
EG - Stroke - Adult
EG - Stroke - Adult
EG - Stroke - Adult

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