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Special Education & Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy for individuals with Special Needs and those with Learning Disabilities

Individuals with special needs or with learning disabilities often have challenges learning. Many professionals are committed to help; Special Education teachers, Occupational , Physical, and Speech Therapists, etc. Vision is the foundation of all learning. Visual disorders are more difficult to assess and requires the expertise of someone who has experience in diagnosis and treatment of how vision impacts learning. At times people seek the services of a pediatric ophthalmologist, a medical doctor who addresses eye disease and eye-based problems, but lack expertise in vision, which is really a brain-based issue. Other professionals may have good intentions and each relies on their knowledge and experience. Often, addressing the vision, the foundation, it facilitates growth in other areas, accelerates benefits from other therapies, and promotes learning. Without addressing vision, progress in other areas may be slower than idea.

Dr. Roth is Board Certified in Vision Development and Vision Therapy. He has years of treating patients with vision problems, and many other professionals such as occupational therapists, optometric physicians, and medical physicians refer their patients to Dr. Roth. He has not only medical knowledge about eyesight but also years of successful treatment of visual problems. The two parts that therapy include visual efficiency; building skills of eye muscle coordination and physical focus, and visual processing; making sense of what we see, visual closure, visual sequencing, etc. Our therapists are supremely well trained and very experienced to obtain, retrain, regain, retain, and rehabilitate the skills needed to achieve productive vision.

Vision Therapy frequently helps individuals who have Autism Spectrum disorder, Developmental Delays, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, etc,. Furthermore, at times individuals with ADD, ADHD, or Dyslexia actually have an underlying vision disorder that compounds these problems. Once the visual component is addressed, often these problems are then minimized.

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