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BT’s Reading and Writing Are So Improved!

Dr. Roth: We are here with BT's mom. BT is now in 3rd grade and he just graduated our therapy program. His mom wants to share some of the findings and changes that she noticed about her son. What happened before and what changes have you noticed?

BT's Mom: When we first came here my son was struggling with school work. He was extremely frustrated doing homework. It would take over an hour to do a 20 minute homework assignment. And since he's been here his writing has gotten alot neater. He loves to read. I will catch him in his room picking up chapter books. He is on grade level. I am saving samples of his handwriting because I cannot believe how neat it is. His comprehension has improved greatly. And he is even doing much better in baseball and soccer. He is catching fly balls in the outfield, he's hitting more and scoring more goals. I can't believe the amount of improvement in one year.

Dr. Roth: That's wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing with us!