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RM Can Now Read, Play Sports and Play In The Marching Band Normally!

Dr. Roth: We're here with RM who is 14 years old and he is about midway through his therapy program and he would like to share some thoughts with you.

RM: I came in because I had trouble reading for more than 5 minutes. I couldn't focus on what I was reading. It was hard for sports . I couldn't follow the ball or anything like that. I came into vision therapy and after awhile I now start to read alot more now. I'm not getting headaches and it's easier to understand what's happening. I can play my sports and be able to know where the ball is at all times. I can actually see it coming to me. Vision therapy has helped me with all of that stuff.

Dr. Roth: Who was it who referred you to our office and why?

RM: Dr. Goodman referred me because I got a concussion during a wrestling tournament and it messed with my eyes and I came here because of the issues I was having in school.

Dr. Roth: Was it just one concussion?

RM: Yes.

Dr. Roth: Tell us a little bit about marching band.

RM: I'm in marching band and during school I couldn't play in band because of headaches and couldn't see what I was reading or I would see but it wouldn't match up what I was playing. Now I joined the marching band and I can read all my music and I can play and march at the same time is easy for me too. I can see the notes too.

Dr. Roth: If your problem was a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 at the start where do you feel your problem is now?

RM: Probably a 2.

Dr. Roth: Wow! So we've been able to help you change things quite significantly. And this is a testament to you. We know you are in an honors program and you're motivated and that's why you do the home part of therapy. That's why things are getting so much better so much quicker than others might. Kudos to you and congratulations! Thank you for letting me help you!