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Success Stories – Vision Therapy

We are proud to share the success stories of our vision therapy patients.

Review from Healthgrades – Children’s Vision Therapy

We had a wonderful visit. The doctor found my son's problem and explained it in a way that was easy to understand. It just made a lot of sense and it explained why he had the school problems with reading and the frustration doing homework. He really doesn't have ADD. We are already seeing the benefits from vision therapy. The staff was also great, explaining everything along the way, the tests, the costs, Overall a very positive experience.

Review from HealthGrades – Children’s Vision Therapy

We visited more than a dozen of different eye doctors in NJ/NY/MD/PA area to treat my daughter's cross eyes since she was born. She had surgeries twice and patches for 4 years. Most doctors do not have clues on how to treat her eyes. When she was seven, we found Dr. Roth through another doctor's referral. Dr. Roth spent a significant amount of time to understand all details of my daughter's histories and symptoms of her complicated case. He trained my daughter how to use her eyes together with vision therapy. After 18 months of vision therapy, her eyes are straight. I am grateful that Dr. Roth not only saves her eyes but gives her a happy life.

His life will be happier because of what you and your staff did!

My son had double amblyopia, all discovered at the age of 7. That is late in the game for glasses and treatment. He got glasses and had vision therapy there for 14 months. The first 3 months we were uncertain whether the glasses or therapy were the cause of all the changes we saw. After that we had to attribute the continuing changes to the therapy. Our son is a great kid. The quiet, funny type who is great one on one but lies low in the crowd. Prior to vision therapy we knew one kid and school and sports teams saw another. The kid we knew was bright and funny. In school he was literally trying to be invisible. He had no confidence.

We have seen academic improvement (he went from a 19 on the NJ ASK math portion to an 83), social improvement (he is the same kid everywhere now) to sports improvement. Prior to vision therapy he could not find a ball in a room if it were the only one. Now he is the one finding things we can't. He is now so outgoing. I used to speak for him and now he speaks for himself. I used to put him in situations to talk to others "Go ask that lady what time it is, etc." and he always balked. On vacation this year I legitimately asked him to ask someone something, pay the lady, etc. for my convenience without giving it a thought and he just did it. I think this is important because vision therapy changed not only him but us and the way we treat him. Think about what that means. We, who love and respect him, accommodate him less because he can handle things he could not before. It could have been uglier for him in the years to come when he was not as much of a player in life and he encountered those who did not love and respect him.

They would not have had patience, he would have felt helpless... As I wrote to Dr. Moshe: "I can't express enough how I had decided that some things were permanent and had accepted that only to discover that vision therapy made those things temporary. I am convinced his life will be happier because of what you and your staff did. Of all the things I want for him as his mom, happiness and confidence, the two most important things he got from you, I value the most."

Things you will not like but will accept, as I did, because of what they do to change your child's life. 1) It's expensive. There, I said it. But worth it (see above). 2) Little office annoyances: They never seem to know what insurance paid for and they get upset if you get the prescription filled elsewhere.

- Elizabeth P.

I wouldn’t trust my kid’s eye health to anyone else.

Dr. Roth takes care of my whole family. His is thorough and truly cares about his patients. I wouldn't trust my kid's eye health to anyone else.

- Christine D. Z.

Review from HealthGrades – Vision Therapy

I have been a patient of Dr. Roth's for 25 years. My family of 5 are also his patients. Dr. Roth and his staff are very attentive and helpful. He has been able to diagnose problems with two of my children. They attend Vision Therapy in his practice twice a week. The Therapists are wonderful and very patient with the children. I highly recommend Dr. Roth and his staff.

Review from HealthGrades – Vision Therapy

I have been in Dr. Roth's care for about the last 5 years regarding my “eye health” and need of vision correction. I can say that I am quite a difficult patient (to say the least) regarding my health, my body and the care I choose to accept or reject from doctors. Of all the physicians I have encountered in my 47 years, he is absolutely "Top Shelf." Dr. Roth's patience is profound in dealing with not only his patients and the vexation they bring as they struggle to make sense of their issues, but also in educating them along the way as well as whittling down the hurtles concerning their care in an assiduous pursuit of that which will be most beneficial for them in the long term. Moreover, his staff is very much “in tune” with the attitude/mindset/deportment demonstrated by Dr. Roth, which are the hallmarks of his professionalism and resolute leadership. He is in receipt of my highest recommendation. A+++

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