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Visual Motor Abilities

We have listed some visual motor abilities that our practice can address & treat in the event of a visual disorder.

  • Eye Alignment refers to where the eyes are pointing.
    • Phoria: If the eyes are straight and aligned the eye posture most of the time.
    • Strabismus: If an eye turns in, out, up or down compared to the other eye, then the eyes are not straight or aligned. Here are some forms of Strabismus:
      • Exotropia is where an eye turns out.
      • Esotropia is where an eye turns in.
      • Hypertropia is where an eye turns up
      • Hypotropia is where an eye turns down.
    • These can also occur in combination, such as hyper- exotropia, or hypo-esotropia.
  • Fixation – The ability to steadily and accurately gaze at an object and to sustain that position.
    • Nystagmus is an uncontrollable shaking of the eyes.
  • Pursuits – The ability to smoothly and accurately track, or follow, a moving object
  • Saccades – The ability to quickly and accurately look, or scan, from one object to another
  • Accommodation – The ability to accurately focus on an object of regard, sustain that focusing of the eyes, and to change focusing when looking at different distances
  • Convergence – The ability to accurately aim the eyes at an object of regard and to track an object as it moves towards and away from the person
  • Binocularity – The integration of accommodation and convergence
  • Stereopsis – Depth perception

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