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Visual Perception

While the ability to check one’s eyesight for refractive error is easy to accomplish through an eyechart, testing one’s visual perception is far more intricate. Here are some aspects of visual perception that our practice reviews with each vision therapy patient:

  • Visual-Motor Integration – Eye-Hand, Eye-Foot, and Eye-Body coordination
  • Visual-Auditory Integration – The ability to relate and associate what is seen and heard
  • Visual Memory – The ability to remember and recall information that is seen
  • Visual Closure – The ability “to fill in the gaps”, or complete a visual picture based on seeing only some of the parts
  • Spatial Relationships – The ability to know “where I am” in relation to objects and space around me and to know where objects are in relation to one another
  • Figure-Ground Discrimination – The ability to discern form and object from background

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