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Why Does Outdoor Time Delay Or Prevent Myopia?

Here’s another reason for parents to send their kids out to play! Research shows that spending two hours or more outdoors lowers the risk of developing myopia and slows its progression.

Can Drinking Coffee Relieve Dry Eyes?

Although caffeine has a diuretic and drying effect, it also has tear-producing properties that can potentially lessen your dry eye symptoms.

Masks Can Cause Dry Eye Symptoms

The phenomenon of masks leading to dry eye is so widespread that a name for the condition has already been coined by some eye care providers: “Mask-associated dry eye,” or “MADE.” At our eye clinic near you, we’ve been seeing an increasing number of patients who visit due to stinging eyes, redness, and blurred vision – all classic signs of dry eye syndrome. While dry eye syndrome has always been a common reason to book an appointment with our optometrist near you, what’s new is that the dry eye symptoms seem to be caused by wearing masks.

What are the risks of having a child wear contact lenses

In this video I'd like to address what are the risks of having a child wear contact lenses? Hi, I'm Dr. Moshe Roth. I practice at Family Eyecare in Old Bridge, New Jersey. A study published in the January 2021 issue of the journal of Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics found...

Adult Testimonial of Using Multifocal Orthokeratology for Presbyopia

This parent shares her own experiences with Orthokeratology and a message to parents about myopia management.

Exercise Helps Keep Your Eyes in Shape Too!

You know all about how regular exercise strengthens your heart and lungs, as well as boosts your energy. Did you also know it can promote healthy vision? Remember, your body is one interconnected unit, and every organ benefits from getting a workout. Our Eye doctor near you in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma explains how physical activity helps to preserve your quality vision.

Patient displays the benefits of yoked prisms

This patient shows how effective command can be on the same day. While vision therapy can help bring a patient to develop the proper visual skills they need to cope with their underlying visual problem, yoked prisms are an amazing tool to get a person back to feeling normal again....

What is myopia and how can we prevent it from getting worse

In this video, I'd like to answer the question. What exactly is myopia? Hi, I'm Dr. Moshe Roth. I practice at Family Eye Care in Old bridge, New Jersey. Myopia is the medical term for near-sightedness. Near-sightedness simply means that somebody can see better at near than often a distance....

Living With Keratoconus | Kenneth’s Story

Here’s a glimpse into the life of Kenneth, a keratoconus patient. Read on to learn about his struggle with this eye disease, and how scleral lenses opened up a world of opportunities to him.

Vision Therapy: Facts and Myths

It’s important to get the facts straight. Here are 5 myths — and truths — about vision therapy.

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