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School's Out For Summer!

Many of us can hear this song by Alice Cooper in our heads. Was this past year a struggle for your child? Are you hoping that somehow things will get better on their own or your child will have a "better" teacher" next year? What can you do to make...

August is Vision & Learning Month

As the new school year approaches, parents anxiously ask themselves; Will this year be different than last year? Will my child progress? Will she have a good teacher that will finally enable her to succeed? Often, poor grades are due to underlying vision problems. The College of Optometrists in Vision...

Governor Christie's Proclamation


Eye tracking may help quantify concussion, brain injury severity

Concussion & Brain Injury

New technology may help measure ocular motility dysfunction associated with brain injury and concussion, according to a study in the Journal of Neurotrauma.

Concussion & Brain Injury presentations

Dr. Roth presented a lecture on Concussion & Brain Injury at Momnmouth-Ocean Optomeric Society.  Click the link above to listen to this lecture and learn more about the consequences of brain injury.

"Double Amblyopia"

“My son had double amblyopia, all discovered at the age of 7."

Dr. Sue Barry, PhD Both a researcher and an individual with Strabismus & Amblyopia

Below is a 'translation into common language" of a technical paper that reviewed literature on Amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, and then a review by Dr. Susan Barry, PhD, who is both a researcher, college professor, and an individual who had several surgeries as a young child to address...

Vision Examinations Versus Screenings in Childhood

The Affordable Care Act covers vision care for children from birth to age 18 years, including eyeglasses.

School Related Problems due to Convergence Insufficiency

Dr. Vandervort's TED video on how vision problems are at the root of school related problems and ADD.

The ACA and pediatric eye care

The Affordability Care Act, is frequently referred to as Obamacare It is important for parents, pediatricians, other healthcare professionals, educators, childcare providers, education providers, churches, and nonprofit organizations to be aware of the pediatric eye care benefit. It is important that a child see an eye care professional early and...