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Optometrists in Old Bridge, New Jersey

Steffani Tiomno OD

Steffani Tiomno OD

Moshe Roth OD, FCOVD

Moshe Roth OD, FCOVD

Dr. Moshe Roth and Dr. Steffani Tiomno have over 30 years of combined experience as board-certified optometric physicians, specializing in Vision Therapy, Neuro-Optometry, and Orthokeratology. Our mission as your local optometrist is to provide personalized eye care and quality eyewear for patients of all ages in a warm and welcoming setting.

Are you a parent concerned with your child’s ability to focus, read, and learn? Have you experienced dizziness or double-vision after a traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, or other neurological events? Studies show that 90% of TBI patients experience some sort of visual dysfunction, including blurred vision, visual field defects, and breathing problems. We offer advanced vision solutions with the goal of developing and restoring full visual function in children and adults alike. We can help retrain the brain and eyes to work together so you can live your best life.

Family Eye Care in Old Bridge, NJ, also provides general eye care, examinations, and an inventory of eyeglasses and contacts.

We carry over 1,000 frames in our Optical Boutique and offer same-day prescriptions. We pride ourselves on having hand-picked all the unique eyewear we carry. Whether you’re looking for blue light protection, want specific lenses like progressives, or simply need help finding a nice style of frames for your face, we have the perfect pair of frames just for you! Our dedicated staff will be happy to find your ideal fit for your unique features, budget, lifestyle, and preferences.

Thanks to our high level of expertise, a range of professionals refer their patients with visual processing problems or learning disabilities to Dr. Roth & Dr. Tiomno.

Dr. Roth is certified by the New Jersey Board of Optometrists and is a Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

Patient Testimonials

4 days ago
I was referred here because of BVD. The front desk staff were very kind, helpful, & informative. Dr. T is phenomenally compassionate and makes sure her patients understand what’s going on. I didn’t feel rushed out or that my questions were insignificant. Highly recommend!
- Gina V.

Specialty Contacts: Solutions That Bring Clarity!

Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral contact lenses are one of the most advanced custom contact lenses utilized to help patients with irregular or unhealthy corneas see clearly with amazing comfort. Patients who have keratoconus or underwent a corneal transplant can achieve their ideal vision through scleral lenses.
Learn more about Scleral Lenses

Vision Correction Without Surgery

Are you nearsighted or farsighted? Want to see clearly throughout the day without requiring eyewear or resorting to laser surgery? Consider ortho-k lenses, as they offer clear vision all day, every day — without any need for glasses or contact lenses!
Find out how Ortho-K works

Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Prosthetic contact lenses at Family Eye Care are special lenses that cover the cornea if the cornea has become cloudy or opaque. The special lens is made to match the other eye and therefore improves the appearance of a disfigured eye.
Why Choose Prosthetic Contacts?

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation: Gain Back Independence

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation helps people who have suffered a concussion and brain injury rebuild lost visual skills. We can help determine the right course of treatment and prevent potential long-term damage. Let us help you get back to being the person you were prior to your injury.
Learn more about Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

Visual Balance Disorders

Visual balance disorders can be caused by a Visual Midline Shift Syndrome (VMSS), oculomotor dysfunction in fixations, nystagmus, and disruptions of central and peripheral visual processing.
Learn more about Visual Balance Disorders

Brain Injury Examination

Neuro-Optometrists have special training and clinical experience in this area and are able to help those who have vision problems related to brain injury. Neuro-Optometrists understand how specific visual dysfunctions related to the patient’s symptoms and performance.
Treatment for Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injuries

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ortho k kid

Vision Therapy: Rebuilding Your Vision & Confidence

What’s Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is an individualized doctor-supervised treatment program that addresses problems that eyeglasses and contact lenses can’t solve. It enables the individual to learn how to use the visual system effectively.
Discover Why Parents Choose Vision Therapy

Learning-Related Vision Problems

Vision Therapy helps children and adults who have not developed the visual skills that are needed for effective reading, writing, and learning. These skills include eye movement and focusing skills, convergence, eye-hand activity, visual memory skills, etc.
Treatment for Children with Reading Learning Related Vision Problems

Pediatric Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam tests more than visual acuity. Parents frequently say: ‘But the doctor said his vision was fine’. Vision is so much more than just distance “20/20” acuity.
Learn more about Pediatric Eye Exams

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