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Ortho-K Stories

Our patients talk about their experiences through effective Ortho-K!

Watch our Ortho-k videos below. Click on the image to watch the video!

Teenagers & Young Adults Ortho-K Stories

AD – Orthokeratology – 19 now – Began at age 14

BB has been wearing Ortho-K for a few weeks and can see much better

After one week of Ortho-K, EC can see clearly

After Ortho-K, ED can see clearly

JD, all-star cheerleader, can cheer without glasses and see clearly after Ortho-K

KY can see better after wearing Ortho-K lenses for only 6 days!

LR has been wearing Ortho-K lenses for 22 years

Adult Ortho-K Stories (Multifocal Ortho-K reviews!)

OK testimonial 35 yo with high myopia

CR adult using Multifocal Ortho K lenses 1 week after dispensing

DT, Hyperopic Multifocal Ortho k


CC, 25, nurse, Vision Improvement without surgery ORtho k Orthokeratology

DV – Orthokeratology – Adult has been in OK for 15 years

KJ Started Orthokeratology at the age of 11 & has worn them over 10 years!

MT – Orthokeratology – 22 | 2 weeks after dispensing Ortho-k lens

OE – Orthokeratology – 25 yrs old

Mother and Son Ortho-k started 2 weeks ago | Mother had LASIK previously

Orthokeratology 1 week after beginning Ortho k

RR within 1 week has already enjoyed the changes with her ortho-k lenses

Ortho K testimonial from a 21 year old patient who has been wearing them for 9 years

Adult Testimonial of Using Multifocal Orthokeratology for Presbyopia | Family Eye Care in Old Bridge

MW talks about his experience with Ortho-K

WP talks about how Ortho-K is a great option to see better

WC talks about how Ortho-K improved his vision on the job

ST talks about how great Ortho-K lenses are for college

Ortho-K lenses have made a huge difference in SP’s life

ML wears Ortho-K Post Lasik

LR has been wearing Ortho-K lenses for 22 years

Ortho-K has helped EO to see clearly

DE wears multifocal Ortho-K lenses

CB has been wearing Ortho-K for 15 years and is thrilled with the results

After wearing Ortho-K, AS doesn’t have eye irritation and can play sports without glasses

AE is a better driver with Ortho-K lenses

AB is using Ortho-K as an alternative to laser surgery and can see 20/20