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Succeeding With Sclerals

Succeeding With ScleralsNormally, the cornea bends light onto the retina so we can see clearly, but certain corneal conditions, such as keratoconus and astigmatism cause the cornea to be distorted and that leads to reduced and blurred vision.  The same thing can happen after LASIK, or after a corneal transplant. 

That’s precisely what happened to three patients described below.  Their corneas were irregular, and the distortion caused them to struggle with vision. Fortunately, with scleral lenses, they, and many others who have a corneal condition, obtain improved clarity, sharper focus along with good comfort. Let's first explain what scleral lenses are, and how do they improve the sight of those who have distorted or irregular corneas, and then we can see how it impacted their lives.

Irregular Corneas and Scleral Lenses

The cornea has an irregular shape when someone has astigmatism, keratoconus, prior eye surgeries (such as LASIK, cataracts, corneal transplant), trauma, scarring, and Pellucid Marginal Degeneration.  Eyeglasses and regular contact lenses are sometimes useless when someone has an irregularly shaped cornea.  Scleral Lenses are a non-surgical solution to this problem and are often the only solution.  They provide clear vision and better comfort.

The lenses vault over the cornea and rest on the sclera, the white part of the eye, which prevents corneal irritation. It creates a new surface on the eye and replaces the distorted corneal surface.  That enables allows light to focus onto the retina, restoring vision and comfort.

When patients have a dry eye, we can prescribe scleral lenses.  The scleral lenses creates a reservoir that keeps the cornea moist.

Below are the accounts of how some patients have benefitted from scleral lenses.  

Everything Is Now in Focus for Ben

Ben entered was excited to enter college. He made friends and studied hard, but he struggled to read the content on the classroom whiteboard and in his textbooks.  This presented challenges similar to what he experienced much of his life.  Ben has astigmatism, meaning that his corneas were unevenly curved, and because of that, images and texts appeared blurry.  He had to squint in order to see better, and that led to frequent headaches. Ben updated his eyeglass prescription regularly, and tried wearing standard contact lenses, he he still struggled with his vision.  He then decided to visit our office. 

The scleral lenses are custom designed lenses specifically for that individual.  They enabled Ben’s eyes to focus light onto the retina and he was now able to see clearly and effortlessly.  He was able to read the board and his textbooks and was ultimately able to graduate from college with honors.

If you or your child have astigmatism, please consider scheduling an appointment to see us in so we can determine if scleral lenses would benefit you.

For Jennifer, Scleral Lenses are the Perfect Fit

Jennifer was 15 when she was diagnosed with keratoconus. Her vision had progressively become worse and she often squinted in order to see more clearly.  The reason was that her corneas were becoming thinner and then bulging outward into a cone shape.  Jennifer had never worn contact lenses and was hesitant at first.  The special lenses were designed and ordered.  When the lenses arrived, we spent time teaching her how to insert and remove the lenses until she was comfortable doing so on her own.  She now enjoys clear undistorted vision and is significantly less sensitive to light.  That enables her to enjoy the outdoors during the day and to more comfortably work on computer and study.

Jake had a Corneal Transplant, but now sees clearly with special scleral lenses

Jake's corneas had scared and needed a corneal transplant, but even with the transplant, he was not able to see clearly and light bothered him.  That, unfortunately, occurs relatively commonly after a corneal transplant.  Standard contact lenses were painful to wear and his vision continued to fluctuate.  Jake ultimately came to our office and we prescribed customized scleral lenses that enabled him to see clearly and comfortably. 

Dr. Roth and Dr. Tiomno of Family Eye Care in Old Bridge prescribe scleral lenses to patients from Old Bridge, Aberdeen, East Brunswick, Manalapan, Matawan, Marlboro, Monroe, Parlin. Sayreville, South Amboy, South River, Spotswood, Lawrence Harbor, Cliffwood Beach, and throughout New Jersey.  


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