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Different Names for Orthokeratology

Orthkeratology goes by many names:

  • Accelerated Ortho-K
  • CRT – Corneal Refractive Therapy
  • Driem Lenses
  • Fargo
  • GOV- Global Orthokeratology Vision
  • GVSS – Gentle Vision Shaping System
  • Molding Lenses
  • Natural Vision Improvement
  • Night Lenses
  • Overnight Lenses
  • OCR = Overnight Corneal Reshaping
  • VST – Vision Shaping Treatment, VIP – Vision Improvement Program
  • Wave Custom Ortho-K

Various LASIK procedures are named by their developer and are often merely a variation on a theme. Likewise Ortho-K developers name their own designs. Rather than adding to the confusion, let’s just “clear” things up, get the job done and have the best outcome. We want our patients to tell all of their friends so that that they can get the benefits too.

When asking one of our 16 years old Ortho-K patients, “What do you tell your friends when they ask you what happened to your eyeglasses? Why did you stop wearing them?” He answered: “I just tell them that I have MAGIC CONTACTS!”

WAVE is a unique system that enables us to customize Ortho-K to each individual’s unique corneal shape. Each cornea is shaped differently, much as each fingerprint is unique.