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Special Lenses for Dry Eye

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes Fitted At Our Eye Care Clinic Near East Brunswick

One of the most common complaints people who wear contact lens is that the contact lenses make my their eyes feel dry.  Regular, soft contact lenses can make a dry eye even dryer because soft contact lenses dry out on their own.  Dry eye cause by soft lenses drying out is the leading reason people stop wearing contact lenses.  Dry eye syndrome is a common problem among contact lens wearers and non-wearers alike.  Symptoms often become worse if someone spends a lot of time on computer or reading.

What are some answers?

Fortunately, there are effective answers to these contact-related dry eye problems.

1- Scleral lenses are made of a gas permeable material rather than a soft lens material.  They don’t contain water so they don’t dry out as soft lenses do.  They actually serve as a reservoir to maintain moisture in the cornea.

2- Another alternative is wearing a daily disposable contact lens rather than a 2 or 4 weeks soft lens.

3- Orthokeratology is a very good option for individuals that suffer dry eye.  These lenses are worn only while sleeping and re-shape the cornea.  It has the benefits of LASIK without the risks.  LASIK frequently produces dry eye even when someone has not had dry eye before.  If someone has a dry eye, to begin with, LASIK often makes the problem worse.   Orthokeratology is available for people that are nearsighted, farsighted, stigmatic, and those that need a prescription to see both at distance and at near.

4- Lubricating eye drops made specifically for contact lenses wearers can give short-term relief of contact lens dryness symptoms. Preservatives in contact lens solutions can cause irritation, especially if someone uses multipurpose solutions. We recommend hydrogen peroxide systems for those individuals who use non-daily disposable lenses.

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